Tulsa is soaring.

It's time our flag does too.

"Do we already have a flag?"

Um yes, well,
kind of.

"So what's wrong with that one?"

Our current flag isn’t really a flag to begin with. It is actually just our city seal on a white background. City seals are meant be viewed close up on paper, because of the amount of detail – not on a flagpole viewed from 100 feet away. Also, it’s copyrighted, meaning we can’t mass produce this flag. Even if we wanted to fly this flag at our homes and businesses, it would be illegal. City ordinances forbid Tulsans from displaying their own flag.

We believe Tulsa needs a real flag.
A flag by the people and for the people.
A banner we can be proud to fly.
It’s time for a great flag that represents all Tulsans.


How we are making it happen

"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end."
-Robin Sharma

How you make this happen

Support #tulsaflag by sharing our message.
We need to get the word out to as many current and former Tulsans as possible.
The bigger this movement, the better our flag will be.

Passion projects are not free. But they are the most rewarding.
You can also help by chipping in with us on costs.
Donations will help offset social media ad costs, launch party, etc.
All donations are to non-profit, tax-deductable work. It's important to us that this is completely funded by the people who love Tulsa, and not funded by any tax dollars.

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